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Frankie 留言时间:  2016-8-28
Hi there, do you have new photographic wk?

Jon Edwards 留言时间:  2016-1-11
Recently came across your wk Simple Song. VERY beautiful. Do you sell prints in the US? Keep up the wonderful wk!

K Y Lau 留言时间:  2015-11-21
剛看到—套叫相中國的纪錄片,覺得你的作品很有意思,將來會到香港展出作品嗎? 祝2016年有更出色的作品!

Daniel Afzal 留言时间:  2015-4-16
I came across the video about your body of wk "Simple Song". Thank you f sharing these beautiful images as a wet plate photographer I appreciate you having explained the spirit of wet plates why we photograph...In a way I felt like I found a kindred spirit across the globe. Thank you Daniel

Dan Mouer 留言时间:  2015-1-8
Wonderful, wonderful wk! Do you have an agent who sells prints of your wk?


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